Cactus Bristle Dry Brush

Cactus Bristle Dry Brush

Lathermore Soap Company

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Measurements: 8" x 3"

Dry Brushing is a skincare technique which has been used for centuries. Thought to improve circulation and lymph drainage along with improving the texture of skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite, dry brushing is making a resurgence in the skincare trends worldwide.

Our handy bamboo handled Dry Bushes are made with plant-based cactus fiber bristles for an invigorating experience. We love using ours in combination with our Body Oils.


Use: Simply apply a small amount of oil to your hand, gently rub throughout the bristles, and begin brushing your skin in short strokes starting at your feet and working your way toward your heart. Once you have brushed up to your chest, move to your hands and, again, work your way back to your heart. 

Tips: Simply adjust pressure in more sensitive areas. Some people prefer to work in circular motions and others prefer to do short, straight strokes. We prefer dry brushing after our workouts and before showering. We recommend brushing once to twice per day.

Care: After each use, simply clean your brush by using your favorite bar soap. Work in circular motions on the bar until the bristles are coated, rinse thoroughly with warm water, and hang to dry. This will help keep your brush from developing any potential bacteria growth and will help your brush last longer.

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