Due to the intimate and handmade, small-batch nature of our products, we do not accept returns or exchanges of any kind. However, if you are unsatisfied with the performance your products for any reason, please contact us at so that we may answer questions or help arrive at a solution. 

Damaged Items: 

Because we use glass packaging with a variety of our items, breakage (though infrequent) does occasionally occur. If your items arrive damaged, please contact us at You may be asked to provide photos of the damage in order for us to improve our processes in the future. You may be offered a refund or a replacement of the damaged items, whichever you prefer. 


Due to the high amounts of natural oils and butters used in our products, the consistency of each product may be altered by the environment during shipping; heat, direct sun, rain, etc. We always provide shipping details and tracking information for each order. Please, plan ahead to receive your package at a location where our products will not be left out in the elements. Although their appearance may be impacted by weather conditions, their performance is not and are still perfectly safe to use. 


All orders are shipped via USPS 2 Day Flat Rate Priority to ensure our products are exposed to the elements for the least amount of time possible. If your order is delayed, please contact USPS directly with your package tracking information. We are not responsible for packages, or delays, once your order has left our hands. 

All orders ship Monday - Thursday. If your order is received on a Friday, it will be held until the following Monday or Tuesday in order to avoid being exposed to USPS warehouse conditions longer than necessary. We make every attempt to ensure your package arrives to you just as beautifully as it left us.