Lathermore Consignment Information


We hand make each of our products from scratch in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible. Therefore, due to cure times, ordering times, and production turnaround, order may take up to 6 weeks to produce and deliver. We will make you aware of our anticipated turnaround time when you place your order.


Because we believe it is important to give your customers a few months to become Lathermore Lovers, we require a minimum of three months consignment terms. After three months, we will be able to determine if we are a good fit for your shop based on sales.


Each Retailer will be responsible for the set up and display of all Lathermore products. We understand no one knows your store, or your customers, better than you. We trust your expertise in curating our products in your store.


We accept a 60/40 split, with 60% of the item’s price coming to Lathermore and 40% of the item’s price remaining with the Retailer. We will provide each Retailer with a list of suggested retail prices for each of our products. If you decide to run a special, or provide customers with a discount on our products, that percentage will be deducted from the Retailer’s take-away portion of the sale. We require a settlement payment once per month, according to your payout schedule.

We are committed to ensuring both the Retailer and Lathermore Soap Company are mutually benefitted by these consignment terms. However, it must be mentioned that late or missing consignment payouts will result in a reassessment of the account and may lead to termination of the consignment agreement.


We will check in with each Consignment account near the beginning of each month to better anticipate restocking needs. It is critical to remember that we do have a 5-6 week turnaround time, specifically on all Bar Soaps. This will be something to consider when ordering any restock items.


We know it is important for your customers to meet the people who are making their products. This helps us form a bond with them to ensure they are recurring customers and are happy with their purchases. Therefore, we happily do Meet the Maker style events, where we will be present, in-store, for a designated amount of time to meet and greet customers and address and questions about our products they may have.


Consignment Starter Kits will be delivered as soon as possible, once agreed upon by both the Retailer and Lathermore Soap Company. Please, note: All 2019 Lathermore Consignment Accounts will begin with the Consignment Starter Kit detailed below.

  • Bar Soaps (36 bars)
    • A variety of six seasonal Bar Soaps including two fragrance oils, two essential oil bends, and one masculine fragrance. Six bars of each scent will be provided, for a total of 36 Bar Soaps.
  • Body Polishing Creams (9 jars)
    • Two Body Polishing Cream options, including one fragrance and one essential oil blend. Three jars of each scent will be provided, for a total of 9 Body Polishing Creams.
  • Whipped Sugar Soaps (15 jars)
    • Three Whipped Sugar Soap options, both featuring fragrance oils. Five jars of each scent will be provided, for a total of 15 Whipped Sugar Soaps.
  • Body Creams (16 jars)
    • Three Body Cream options, two featuring fragrance oils and one featuring essential oils. One Skin Food for Dudes variety featuring fragrance oil. Four 8 oz jars of each variety will be provided, for a total of 16 jars.
  • Bath Bombs (50 bombs)
    • Five Essential Bath Bomb options all featuring essential oils blends. Ten Bath Bombs in each variety will be provided for a total of 50 Bath Bombs.

We prefer to personally deliver all Consignment Starter Packages to their new location. We love meeting you and your staff and helping to build the connection between our companies.

If possible, we would also like to schedule a Meet the Maker event for the afternoon/evening of delivery to make the most of our time together. This also provides a great chance for us answer any questions you, or your staff, may have about our products as you move forward selling them.

**If personal delivery isn't feasible, we will use USPS to ship the inventory directly to your shop for your convenience.