Become A Lathermore Brand Ambassador







What is a Brand Ambassador? 

A Brand Ambassador can be anyone who loves Lathermore products and likes sharing information about products they like with their friends and family on social media and through word-of-mouth. 

What are the perks of being a Lathermore Brand Ambassador?

  • Brand Ambassadors get early access to all new seasonal collection releases.

  • Brand Ambassadors receive a custom 25% off discount code to use on all purchases made for personal use.

  • Brand Ambassadors receive a custom 10% off discount code to share with friends, family & followers.
    • Each month, the Brand Ambassador who refers the most customers to us via their custom 10% off code will win a free gift from us or one of our favorite fellow small businesses!

    What are the requirements of a Brand Ambassador?

    • Brand Ambassadors are asked to make at least one weekly post about Lathermore, our products, or our She Initiative/Charity Partner on Instagram. We appreciate regrams and shares to stories, as well! 

    • Brand Ambassadors must make one monthly product purchase totaling $50 or more after applied discount. 

    • Brand Ambassadors will interact regularly with our social media posts, including adding original comments, sharing, liking and saving on Instagram.

    • From time to time, Brand Ambassadors may be asked to test and review new products and/or fragrances. You may be asked to complete a survey regarding the test product. 

    • Brand Ambassadors may be featured on our social media outlets or our website in a short "get to know you" fashion where you would be asked to share your personal Lathermore preferences, a product review, or a reason why you love our brand.

    Brand Ambassadors are asked to commit to a minimum of 3 months with Lathermore Soap Company. However, should either Lathermore Soap Company, or the Brand Ambassador, believe the Ambassadorship is no longer beneficial for either party, the agreement may end before the 3 month period has been completed. Lathermore Soap Company reserves the right to end the Ambassador agreement at any time should the Brand Ambassador's content be determined to no longer align with the Lathermore brand. 

    Just a few more details:
    Please, understand that we will only be able to accept a limited number of Brand Ambassadors to the program initially to help insure the program is beneficial to everyone. As we grow, we will accept more Brand Ambassadors. If you submit your information, we will keep it on file, and will notify you via email if you are selected. We appreciate your understanding and excitement as we launch this new program! 














    Does this sound like the perfect opportunity for you?

    Tell us why you would make a great Lathermore Brand Ambassador in the Message Section below. And be sure to share your social media handles with us in the Message Section, as well, so we can be sure to follow you!