The Holiday Collection

Fragrance Preview: 

ANJOU is a wonderful holiday fragrance for fruit-scent lovers! Crisp a clean, this fragrance captures notes of juicy Anjou Pears, light holiday spices, apple and a hint of rock sugar.

INCENSE is a warm, soothing blend of Nag Champa incense, smoky sandalwood, soft vanilla and a hint of roasted tonka bean. It is the perfect fragrance to curl up and get cozy with.

FLANNEL is a scent that can be both masculine and feminine. Sweet, smoky and slightly floral, this scent is perfectly balanced with deep notes of sweet richness and lighter hints of fresh bay leaf and dried lavender.

LINGONBERRY continues to be our best-selling holiday fragrance year after year and it's no wonder why. This festive scent includes notes of lingonberry jam, fresh fir needles, and holiday mulling spices. One smell and you'll be addicted to this perfect Wintertime scent.

SPICE is warm, toasty and perfect for mixing with any of our Holiday Collection items. You'll love the blend of cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg and the slightest touch of star anise. Deliciously rich and inviting!

One smell of TIMBER and you will be transported to a frosty Winter forest. Crisp air, evergreen trees, and freshly sawn birchwood all make an appearance in this magical scent, making it perfect for the holidays!