Jade Facial Roller

Lathermore Soap Company

  • $ 20.00

*Made of genuine jade stone.

Gemstone Facial Rollers are all the rage right now, but they have been around for centuries. Used to gently massage the face, help skin absorb serums and elixirs, and said to improve skin's overall texture - facial rollers are a wonderful addition to any daily facial skincare regimen.


Use: Apply an ample amount of your favorite elixir or serum to your freshly washed face. Use the roller in upward motions all over your face. I like to go for about 5 minutes. Don't press hard, just steady even pressure is best. Wipe away excess elixir or serum with a damp warm cloth and apply your toner and moisturizer. You're all set!

Tip: I love using mine both in the morning and at night before bed. You can keep your roller in the refrigerator or simply hold it under cold water to cool the stones to help relieve puffiness. Plus, it just feels awesome!

Tip: Always roll in upward motions, following the bones of your face and working toward the top of your head.

Care: Always cleanse your Jade Facial Roller after use using a mild soap and warm water. Dry with a clean towel before returning to its storage box.

*Note: A small amount of wax is placed in the hole of each of the stones so when rolling, the stone rolls smoothly across the face and doesn't squeak. If you notice that your roller is a bit difficult to turn at first, simply run it under hot water and rub it vigorously on your hand to spin the roller. This should work any excess wax lose and make it easier to roll.

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